Voluntarias CADENA cargando un techo de lámina.

CADENA was born in a restaurant. A group of friends was eating out when, on television, they saw footage of Hurricane Stan. In Chiapas, a southern state in Mexico, several hills had collapsed and the lives of thousands of people were at risk.

Rather than ignoring this information, they decided to act. Upon completting the loading and delivery of a truck-ful of aid, donated by the Jewish Community of Mexico, they realized that they where the ones that benefited the most. To donate your time and resources to a wider cause is to participate in the larger project of humanity.

12 years have passed since then and we can now say that our most important resource is our volunteers. Today we have a database of over 4,000 people ready to help complete strangers in vulnerable situations. In the words of CADENA’s General Secretary Benjamin Laniado: “Our volunteers are the muscle that has allowed us to change the lives of more than a million people.”

“Our volunteers are the muscle that has allowed us to change the lives of more than a million people.”

Benjamin Laniado

This is today we celebrate the International Day of Volunteering for Economic and Social Development.

The World of Volunteering

We believe that it is essential to promote a culture of volunteering. According to the Johns Hopkins Center for Civic Societies, the country where people volunteer the most is the United States, with 41.9 of the population doing some volunteering activity on a daily basis, followed by New Zealand (41.53) and Norway (38.93).

Unfortunately, Mexico, home to our international offices is at place 25, with only 10 percent of the population doing volunteer work. According to the National Institute of Statistics,in 2015, only 2 million people volunteered. We think it is essential for this to change: there are many people in need of help, but much more people who can actually provide it.

Join us on the volunteering adventure: you will not regret it!