Our second phase starts now!

In CADENA we’re devoted to helping Ukrainian refugees in Poland

In March 2022, we deployed a humanitarian response team in order to address the refugee crisis in Ukraine, caused by the armed conflict. We are currently completing the first stage of the project which consisted in four different action points: a children’s center in Korczowa, a refugee tent in Medyka, an operation center in Przemysl, and a support network to help relocate refugee families in Spain. Our team has been working tirelessly to distribute essential items, medical attention, hygiene kits, and psychosocial support to those most affected by the crisis.
We successfully relocated around 3,000 families to Spain, where they received shelter, food, and support to restart their lives
To conclude this stage, we measured the impact achieved through these activity centers. We partnered up with local organizations, such as Juntos por la Vida and Altius, to coordinate Operation Spain. Together we committed to sponsoring and coordinating the various travel logistics to get refugees safely to their destination.
Around 9,381 children have attended our children’s center in Korczowa, where they have received psychosocial care.
We work through various therapeutic strategies, such as creative art therapy and games. We turned this place into a safe space, where both the children and their parents have been able to tend to their mental health. Our specialists were also able to offer assistance in Petak and Tesco, two refugee centers, where 754 adults have received psychosocial support.

Likewise, we have distributed supplies in schools, shelters, hospitals, and orphanages inside of Ukraine. In total, 4,435 people have received our help.
One of our main goals is to provide sustainable and long-lasting assistance, these deliveries have been continuous and directed to the same population.

Around 84,984 people received our help in these tents, which were active during the first four months of the humanitarian intervention.
Furthermore, we set up a tent on the Ukrainian/Polish border to provide refugees with support, advice, warmth, and comfort upon arrival. We handed out warm food and drink, as well as essential items such as hygiene kits and menstrual towels. Our objective was to build a warm, quiet place to where refugees could arrive after such a traumatic journey. For this reason, we also offered psychosocial support and activities that allowed 1,570 adults to tend to their mental health.

Our second phase begins

The number of people who cross the border is decreasing. Therefore, we are redirecting our efforts toward informal shelters, in order to strengthen humanitarian assistance and increase availability. During this second stage, we are focusing on mental health issues. Therefore, we will be enhancing our psychosocial support, working with different strategies, such as art and group therapy. Today, our work consists of visiting three shelters twice a week.

We want to express our gratitude to

who has supported us since the beginning of this project.

Thanks to them, we have been able to coordinate this intervention for the last four months. Their help has been and will continue to be will be essential to successfully continue with the project. We also want to extend our appreciation to the Singapore Red Cross and Airlink, who have also been present in many of the project’s activities.