We cross borders to offer assistance to communities and people throughout the World.

CADENA delivers Hand-in-Hand aid to various regions, and has offices around the World.

Growing our Network

Looking to have a larger impact, and being able to assist as many vulnerable communities and people as possible, CADENA continues its growth by opening offices around the World.



CADENA Mexico is the operational and logistic HQ for CADENA. Officially founded on 2008, CADENA Mexico is a key logistic and operational hub for the organization. Not only are the various local and global programs coordinated, but Mexico is also a region where CADENA is perpetually on missions, thanks to the support of the Mexican Jewish Community and the Civil Society.

Two people helping an old lady
Volunteers from CADENA USA helping a family

CADENA Foundation

United States of America

CADENA Foundation was created to fulfill the need to seek donations that could be used to help in all emergencies, disasters and humanitarian crises around the World. The U.S. Office is the point where all international missions are orchestrated.

The Education Project is directed from our offices in the USA — touching more than 10 major cities in that country and serving as a link with Jewish organizations.


Being in a country with high seismic activity, our Chilean office has become a pioneer in Civil Protection and Risk Management.

CADENA Chile was established in order to generate alliances that allow us to increase our response capabilities to emergencies and natural phenomena; In addition to partnering with the Chilean Jewish Community, characterized by its strong activism.

A group of volunteers from CADENA Chile help out during a mission.
A group of volunteers from CADENA Guatemala help out during a mission.

CJG Guatemala

After the San Marcos earthquake, Mexico felt the imminent need of partnering with its Guatemalan brothers and sisters to face this emergency. That was the moment when CADENA CJG Guatemala was born, from which a close relationship of mutual support has been established in the face of natural phenomena such as earthquakes in Mexico or volcanic activity in Guatemala.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is listed as the fifth country most exposed to disasters according to the World Risk Index. After receiving support from CADENA after Tropical Storm Nate, their local office was established. The office assesses and collaborates with the Government in matters of Risk and Disaster Management.

A group of volunteers from CADENA Costa Rica help out during a mission.


The CADENA Argentina office is a strategic part of the network, thanks to the country’s strong and active Jewish Community, which has great helping capabilities. The Education topic is prevalent in this region.


Since CADENA is a representative for the World’s Jewish Communities, it was essential to have CADENA Israel. Additionally, Israel is a key regional hub — maintaining contact with Asia, Northern Africa and Europe.

CADENA Israel is a direct link with Israeli organizations and government institutions, which allows us to directly influence the humanitarian training of thousands of people through our Education projects.

Three kids presenting a project from CADENA Israel

South Africa

The humanitarian crisis in South Africa has gotten notoriously worse since 2017. According to the UN, the number of displaced people in the African continent has reached unprecedented levels.

CADENA South Africa was created to be immediately present before every need in a continent that is the face of disasters, humanitarian crises, droughts and famines.