By Mendy Grauman

In May 2019 representatives of CADENA SA joined CADENA International on their annual mission to Kenya. The team of multinational volunteers made their way to the drought-ravaged region of Turkana. Turkana has a semi-desert climate and the dry seasons are extremely challenging to the locals. 

After receiving a warm welcome by the local villagers with a ceremony of speeches, songs and dance the team got to work. 

Over the course of three days, 9,100 men, women and children from 28 different villages congregated at a local school where CADENA distributed 21 tons of food hand-to-hand. The food packages are able to sustain the community throughout the harsh dry months until the brief annual rainy season. 

In addition to the food aid, CADENA set up a clinic at the school where our medical team performed 262 consultations. For many of the locals this was their first opportunity to seek professional medical advice. 

Toothbrushes and school supplies were donated to schools in the surrounding areas and children were taught the importance of oral hygiene. Shoes were also distributed amongst the learners, many of whom walk incredible distances each day, on hot sand, in order to receive an education.

CADENA provided reusable ecological menstrual pads to women and young girls. Our volunteers ran workshops explaining the importance of feminine hygiene and how to care for their new pads. Baby clothes were also given to new and expecting mothers. 

CADENA SA was proud to be part of this mission and we are excited to send a bigger group of volunteers in 2020.