Youths from Club CADENA Guatemala delivered protection kits to 142 USAC medicine students. 1704 KN95; 12, 780 surgical masks, 142 polypropene bathrobes and 142 gallons were handed out to help the students continue giving consultation in rural area for three months. Each student received 12 KN95 masks, 90 surgical masks, 1 polypropene bathrobe and 1 gallon of hand gel. 

The USAC students were contacted by the CADENA CAG Club volunteer group, which created an inventory of needs. CADENA Club volunteers then raised funds from the Beth El Community, of West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Club CADENA is made up of students from the American School of Guatemala, who organize humanitarian and disaster assistance campaigns. The group is part of CADENA CJG, the humanitarian branch of the Guatemalan Jewish Community, bring help to the most vulnerable communities. The mission was dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Bertha de Permuth Z”L