Florence Nightingale Committee: CADENA Colombia, Argentina and South Africa

A few days ago, the Florence Nightingale Committee gave a theoretical and practical workshop ”Embroidering our rules” to CADENA volunteers in different regions of the world: Cadena Colombia, Cadena Argentina and Cadena South Africa. This workshop aims to combat menstrual poverty that currently affects millions of women in all countries. According to UN data, it is estimated that 1 in 10 girls miss school during menstruation, causing conflicts in their development, empowerment and exercise of rights, such as access to education. Menstrual poverty is the lack of access to information, products, and safe and hygienic conditions related to menstruation. Throughout the training for South African women, 3 main topics were addressed: menstruation from a medical and psychological perspective, and the empowerment of women through menstruation. Finally, an explanation was given on how to make their own ecological menstrual pads. We continue to improve realities around the world.

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