Humanitarian operation in San José de Maipo: CADENA Chile

The humanitarian operation continues. On January 3 we went to Victoria, located in San José de Maipo. We took a first batch of shovels, gloves and disposable items for the common pots, since there is no place to serve the food, nor glasses for each person. We went around the place, entered houses that have irreparable damage, talked to people, with the neighborhood council, with volunteers from other foundations and NGOs, such as Fundación Superación Pobreza – Servicio País, WaterisLife Chile and Movidos x Chile. The atmosphere felt very nice, we came across many needs, but also with people willing to help, however the tools are missing. The most important are gloves, shovels, shovels, wheelbarrows, construction bags (to put the debris) and household cleaning supplies. Together with NBI – Nueva Bnei Israel and Comunidad Judía Chile Oficial we will continue going to help and bringing more tools. With your donation we will be able to continue helping! Everything adds up!