The youth of CADENA COLLEGE carried out an awareness project on the Otomí community in which they collaborated with Macedonia Blas, an indigenous woman nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 for her activism against violence towards the indigenous women – which she herself suffered from. This project culminated in a humanitarian aid intervention in Macedonia’s community, located in El Bothé, Querétaro. The important thing about this intervention was the model it utilized, which respected Macedonia’s place as a community leader. The volunteers delivered 200 basic pantries, 500 blankets and 600 liters of milk. They also held first aid workshops and provided women with ecological sanitary pads. Despite Macedonia’s Nobel Prize nomination, she continues to live in conditions of extreme poverty. For this reason, during this project, CADENA sought to create spaces for community leaders such as Macedonia, who seek to make problems and vulnerabilities more visible and, above all, to change realities.