Cadena International helped  250 thousand people affected by the IOTA and ETA Hurricanes in Honduras. For Vicky Mitrani this humanitarian intervention was different from any other that has gone: “In 98, Hurricane Mitch passed over Honduras destroying everything in its path, however, for Hondurans, ETA and IOTA were much stronger. That is why it is admirable that, despite the losses, people were strong, resilient, wanting to get ahead, with faith and hope intact. It is a mission that I will never forget! Boys and girls hugging, playing for hours; mothers and fathers concerned and active for their families; letting us into their homes to work together. My wish is that our brothers overcome this situation soon, that they come together as a community to be able to do it faster and better, and that they never forget that they have unconditional support in CADENA and in me.”

Water filters were installed, we also cleaned debris with machinery, reconstructed roofs, delivered solar lamps, performed recreational activities for children, installed water tanks and supported in the logistical activities of other organizations that delivered food in the towns of San Pedro Sula, San Manuel, Nueva Frontera, Santa Rita, La Lima, Tegucigalpa, Central District, Francisco Morazán, Gracias a Dios and Santa Lucía.