For three weeks, a team of volunteers has been touring the rural areas of the Impenetrable Chaqueño with a tanker truck to deliver potable water to local communities. Generally, families or communities have cisterns to collect rainwater to be able to supply themselves during harsh times of drought.  This is impossible now, for the area is suffering one of the most important droughts in recent years: it has not rained for more than eleven months. The CADENA team, together with the local Gran Chaco Foundation Foundation and thanks to the support of Start Network, we are carrying out a humanitarian mission, delivering drinking water to 5000 people in the surroundings of Nueva Pompeya, Comandancia Frías, Fuerte Esperanza and Sauzalito.  In addition, we are providing medical attention with local professionals, as well as recreational activities for the little ones. This mission is not over yet, there is still a lot of work to do!