Help Ecuador!

Misfortunes come when you least expect them. On January 31, in the neighborhoods of La Gasca and La Comuna, north of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, heavy rains caused an “alluvium”: a mudflow where water carries loose material down a creek or riverbed. At the initiative of Cadena Internacional, we sent a multidisciplinary team of humanitarian professionals from Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia led by our Pathfinders to assist in the work carried out by the local Jewish community of Quito, and thus, help the people affected by the flood.

Your participation is vital for us to continue bringing help where it is needed, and it is thanks to you that today we are able to support communities in catastrophic situations such as Malawi and Ecuador.

You can donate by going to: www.cadena.ngo/usa

From the bank account:

Bank: JP Morgan Chase

Beneficiary: CADENA Foundation

BAN: 00 00 00 00 871 990 391

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EIN: 81-2702562

Or by VENMO: @Cadena-International

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