April 22 is the International Day of Mother Earth, established by US Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 and recognized by many countries around the world as a day of appreciation and reflection on our beloved planet. Every year, millions of people gather for this celebration, either with the intention of thanking the Earth, or to raise awareness of the climatic challenges we are rapidly approaching.

Throughout their history, men have found sustenance on Earth. When migration was necessary, the lakes froze and made it possible to cross from one continent to another. When men needed to eat, the land was fertile and supplied them with harvest. When water was needed, rain came to satiate humanity. Even in times of illness, the Earth offered natural remedies to cure us. Men have always been able to count on the planet to survive. However, it has been easy to fall into the mistake of taking advantage of the kindness with which this home has opened its hands.

Today our planet is in danger, and it is crying out for us to do for it what it has done for us for thousands of years. It is extremely important that we pay attention to what the Earth is trying to communicate to us, and that we are willing to change our habits for others that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In this give and take, and within the framework of Earth Day, we invite you all to incorporate environmental attitudes that contribute to making a difference into your daily lives. Change is possible and it lives within each one of us. Because every day must be Earth Day!

By Miriam Salame Chacra.

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