Workshop: “Bordando Nuestras Reglas” – Florence Nightingale Committee

On Sunday, August 29th, a reusable sanitary napkin embroidery workshop was held with the objective of demystifying many conversations around menstruation. Participants were given a kit that included fabric, the pad mold, needle, thread and a Luna Segura coupon for a 20% discount on their products. Luna Segura pledged to donate 1 menstrual panty for every 50 embroidered pads. On a previous forum, menstruation had been discussed from a political, medical, psychological and wellness point of view. This time we talked a bit more about the media angle and the ways in which it had transformed conversations and the general perception of it. Thirty women participated in the workshop, where while embroidering, they shared knowledge, stories and experiences from their lives. 

Gabriela Méndez, one of the participants addressed the topic from the workplace environment, the difficulties that existed in it, the lack of importance given to problems and the indifference of health insurance related to menstruation and the female reproductive system. 

Alejandra Acevedo, another attendee who joined us from Colombia, shared her frustration of all us had and that these shared experiences around menstruation go beyond borders. She commented that if she had had this information when she was a child, she would have had a completely different experience with her menstruation.

The activity concluded with the promise of each one to sew 3 towels in total, they will have until Sept. 30 to give them back in order to be able to donate them to women in vulnerable situations.

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