Programs to prevent, prepare, respond and rebuild communities affected by disasters and crises.

CADENA brings Hand-in-Hand assistance to various regions and has offices around the World.

Growing with CADENA

Seeking to have a greater impact and to be able to assist the greatest number of communities and vulnerable people, CADENA continues its growth with local offices around the World.

Hand-In-Hand Missions

Humanitary Aid

We implement hand-in-hand missions to deliver help to the communities that need it most. We have carried out missions to rescue lives, deliver groceries and conduct medical, psychological and dental consultations.

Grupo de voluntarios CADENA entregando asistencia.
Rescatista del Go Team sobre escombros.


Rescue and Immediate Response

The first 72 hours after an emergency or disaster are critical to save lives. This is why CADENA formed the Go Team, a team that is prepared to act in any emergency situation.

Programs for


In collaboration with the community, we coordinate the reconstruction of homes, medical centers and schools affected by disasters and emergencies.


Sustainability and

Economic Reactivation

We help boost the local economies, sponsor entire communities and coordinate the reconstruction of homes and schools affected by disasters.

Social Transformation

Education and Training

We approach young people from middle school onwards with different programs that help to sow the seed of humanitarian action. We believe that education is the most important component for social transformation.

Voluntarias CADENA cargando un techo de lámina.



With the “Resilience Brigades” program we seek to develop local capacities so that the most vulnerable communities in the country are prepared for future disasters.

Voluntarios en un curso de primeros auxilios
CADENA participando en un foro internacional

UNISDR / Start Network

Public / Political Advocacy Management

We participate in various forums to promote a policy of prevention and resilience-building at national and international levels, through our UNDRR and Start Network allies.


Technological Innovation

We develop new mechanisms to communicate critically and geographically referenced with the population — before, during and after any disaster. We also collect information through our KOL App, which allows to mobilize elements in a certain area to do rescue work and tactical missions.

Maestros imparten cátedra en nuestra maestría

Master’s Degree

Academic Development

We professionalize the work of members of society interested in the topic of humanitarian aid, through our Master’s in Leadership for International Humanitarian Action, taught at the Hebraic University.

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