In the aftermath of a natural disaster or emergency, victims with human and economic losses find themselves in a very vulnerable situation. The lack of food, drinking water, medicine, clothing and shelter can significantly deteriorate their health and state of mind and make the recovery process harder and slower.

CADENA strives to reach every area in the country affected by a disaster. We operate on two levels during Emergencies: in the first 72 hours, we dispatch our GoTeam, and following the crisis, we proceed with our Hand in Hand aid delivery.


Reach areas in the country affected by a disaster

Go Team

In the first 72 hours –if necessary- we dispatch our GoTeam rescue team to assess what happened and assist the victims during the most critical hours.

Mano a Mano - CADENA


Following the crisis, and based on our information about the needs and conditions of the affected area, we deliver food or supplies raised in our collection centers Hand in Hand, and help victims overcome emergencies


During the Hand in Hand missions, CADENA offers medical, dental and psychological consultations to people in need of them.


In view of the vulnerability of many areas in the country, CADENA develops projects which help prevent or reduce the negative impact of natural phenomena. We create projects that focus on improving the prevention and resilience capacity of communities, with the goal of reducing the effects of a disaster.


Preventing or reducing damages caused by natural phenomena.

Agua potable para México - CADENA


Availability of Drinking water is the first step towards building community resilience.

Ten CADENA Center

The Center receives, throughout the year, groups of volunteers from Jewish Communities across the world who commit themselves to the local community, help solve the needs of the population and take an active role in the development of the region

Comunidad Resiliente - CADENA


The first comprehensive program on how to Reduce Risk and Build Community Resilience in marginalized communities exposed to one or more kinds of natural disasters.


We seek to educate people with a sense of solidarity and awareness of the dangers of natural disasters. With that in mind, we approach young people in middle school and up through several projects.

We will continue working to help the Mexican people overcome emergencies, to create a greater culture of prevention and to encourage solidarity among our youngsters.


Educate citizens with a sense of solidarity and awareness.



CADENA Young is a summer camp where boys and girls 9 to 14 years old have a first approach to the work of a rescue team.

De Litro a Techo - CADENA


“From litter to roof”, is the name of a program in which recycled carton is used to build houses for families who have lost their dwelling after a natural disaster, or who are very vulnerable to rains and floods.

Hajshará - CADENA


CADENA, in alliance with one of the most prestigious training agencies in the world, Rescue One Israel, offers a rescue training program, at the end of which graduate students can become part of our rescue team GoTeam.

Iniciativa CADENA

CADENA Iniciative

CADENA Initiative is an ideas competition in which boys and girls from middle school suggest an idea that would improve the prevention or the response to a natural disaster.

Juventud CADENA


A group of youngsters from different high schools who contribute to CADENA missions in several ways.