CADENA South Africa

Leads the Jewish Communty’s global effort in the Southern part of Africa.

CADENA South Africa is created out of the need to have operations in the Planet’s most vulnerable country.

Region: South Africa

28 of the world’s poorest countries are located in Africa. Having water, food, clothing and a decent place to live can become a daunting task on the African continent.

South Africa


Hand-In-Hand Missions

Humanitary Aid

We carry out missions to gather needs in the first 72 hours after a disaster; subsequently, we turn to deliver supplies, and grant medical and psychological consultations to the affected populations.

Social Transformation

Education and Training

We approach teens from middle school onwards with different informal education programs that encourage them to become activists and agents of change and help to sow the seed of humanitarian action.

Social Entrepreneurship Competition

CADENA Initiative

Our social entrepreneurship competition for high school students ranging from more than 10 countries. The goal is to propose an idea for better prevention or response to disasters.

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CADENA Partners

Link Companies share our common view of a World better prepared for disasters.


“Whoever saves a life, saves the entire World…”

– Talmud, Jewish Knowledge Compendium



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