On Friday, September 11, CADENA CJG, Guatemala’s Jewish community’s humanitarian branch, made their third challah donation to medics, paramedics, administrative and general staff at the COVID-19 Temporal Hospital in the city of Quetzaltenango. The donation was made by the President of the Jewish Community of Guatemala, Rebeca Permuth, on behalf of her diseased mother. CADENA volunteers were led by Pastor Raul Moscoso, from the Adoración Filipos International Church. The head of doctors in the Temporary Hospital, Emilsen Robles, told us that the hospital is in need of outside help and thanked CADENA: “It is always important for us at the hospital to receive donations on behalf of the Guatemalan people,”  she said. The Jewish Community of Guatemala would like to thank all of those working at the frontlines of this health crises—specially the medics, paramedics and general staff at the Temporal COVID-19 Hospital in the city of Quetzaltenang. Toda raba.