“They told me about a better World, of the I in relation to the Other, with Science and with G-d, spiritual and dedicated.”

Rabbi Ariel Sigal

Rabbi Ariel Sigal, a sociologist by profession, enthusiast and member of CADENA Chile in the emergency area, accesses an interview about his intentions and decision to be part of this incredible project.

“I felt a deep pride in the task they wanted to start with CADENA in Chile. That spirit of solidarity that they lead today radiates to the entire Jewish community. Its transversal vision, its excessive desire to overcome obstacles, the optimism that is not demolished by logistical obstacles and its power to achieve dreams, are signs of a good present for our Ishuv. But, above all, they inspire us tranquility for the future, because these young people have the sensitivity and at the same time as the professionalism to manage ”.

In his interview with CADENA Chile, the rabbi emphasized the concept of “Tikun Olam -improving the world-” and other values rooted in our community, which as young Jews we must be able to take on as a challenge of past, present and future. He subsequently stopped emphasizing the essential aspects of the benefits and development that CADENA can have as an impact within the Jewish community.

He expressed his concern for Chile, a country hit many times by major natural disasters. About this he tells us that:

“I trust that CADENA will be the caresses to revitalize society and show the embrace of the Jews to Chile. It will be a sample of its impact on a global level by reducing the vulnerability of the population that lives in constant risk of natural disasters in order to generate a culture of prevention and inclusion ”.

Finally, and as we indicated earlier, the Rabbi teaches us the values that as people we must manifest in our daily lives. Values instilled from an early age through our Jewish education that allows us to develop as great people, which as a community we have ingrained.

This is how Ari Sigal tells us that: “In Judaism there is no Emuná – belief -, unless accompanied by Hasiáh – action. With this idea, we have emphasized the idea of Tikun Olam – improving the world – through all the educational programs that exist. The solidarity arm of the Community must always be present and simple samples must make a difference in our society. Sometimes we believe that our problems are the only ones. Therefore, Bajia Ibn Pakuda of the eleventh century, said “He who does only what he should, is not doing what he should.” That must be our daily alarm to open our eyes and understand what our hands can achieve. “