About the Campaign

Our volunteers are scattered across the Polish/Ukrainian border: at a children’s center in Korczowa, a refugee tent in Medyka, and two warehouses in Lyiv and the other in Przemyśl.
They are working tirelessly to distribute essential goods, medical equipment, hygiene kits, and psychosocial support to the people worst affected by the crisis in Ukraine. Please take a moment to look through our interventions and the impact we are making on the ground.

Your contribution will help us to continue our work.

Please help reach as many people as possible by sharing this page with your family and friends.

Refugee tent
in Medyka

CADENA has set up a tent on the Ukrainian/Polish border to provide refugees with support, warmth, advice, and comfort upon arrival. Your donation will go towards providing refugees with warm food and drink, as well as essential items such as toothpaste and soap.

Korczowa children’s center

CADENA has set up a playroom with specialized psychosocial care at the Korczowa refugee center to provide the children with support, comfort, and nurturance following a most traumatic journey. Your donation will assist us in continuing to provide services to as many children as possible.


CADENA has partnered with the Przemysl refugee center to allocate refugees to 150 host families in Spain. Your contribution will assist us in coordinating the relocation of these people.

Aid bridge between Poland and Ukraine

CADENA has coordinated a fully-fledged logistical operation to transport urgent food, medical supplies, and various other in-kind donations from Poland to the people in Ukraine. Your contribution will help us to continue our operations.