What are our key alliances?

Rather than just a donor, CADENA’s Key Alliances are a network of allies in a mission to provide aid to the most vulnerable communities. Each member contributes so that our efforts can reach ever further thanks to their aid. This chain of humanitarian action is coming together by integrating not only companies, but institutions, and families too.

Thus, our combined efforts and coordination allows us to achieve greater results within and outside companies.

Current key alliances

Key Organizations

Joint projects

TEN-CADENA CENTER | Project TEN (Mexico)

TEN-CADENA CENTER | Project TEN (Mexico)

The TEN-CADENA center is a joint program with Project TEN guided by two key aims. On the one hand, it promotes the participation and activism of volunteer work. On the other hand, this is a project aimed at increasing resilience by working steadily with certain vulnerable communities.
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ADRA (Colombia)


Our vision is to bridge the gap between vulnerable communities and the people engaged in healing the world by promoting autonomy, resilience, and driving society towards more inclusive, co-responsible, and supportive models.

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