Education and Volunteer Training

Through our training, we create humanitarian people, and we turn the desire to change the world into humanitarian leadership.
If we aim at changing the world, the first step is to acquire the sensibility to acknowledge that the present is not set in stone and can thus be changed. This was our driving force to create volunteer training programs. These are intended to train volunteers and humanitarians of all ages so that they can meaningfully engage in Tikkun Olam.

We are committed to providing them with the tools and approaches necessary to build a better world. Moreover, we also offer a humanitarian lens for them to observe reality with a different look.
Leveraging the power of younger generations to repair the world.

School programs

An international educational experience that combines hands-on, project-based learning with real-world challenges through interactive resources, social entrepreneurship initiatives and humanitarian interventions. The Design Thinking model is our foundation to encourage participants to learn more about global challenges and find a cause they identify with. For more information about this program, visit our minisite!

CADENA Initiative
CADENA Initiative is a social entrepreneurship contest that has been run for more than ten years. This program is aimed at helping middle school students acquire the sensibility and social consciousness they need to truly become leaders of change in the future. It also works as a platform where participants can share their vision.

We opted for a contest because it serves to encourage new learning models based on the implementation of values and social approaches in which young people are invariably at the core. Over 2,500 teenagers participate in this project every year.
This is a training program intended for leaders ranging from 16 to 18 years old and meant to help participants become CADENA representatives in their school


University programs

Cross-disciplinarity is the basis of the humanitarian focus, which means it can be implemented into any field of study and can be applied to any project. By partnering with private and public universities, we raise awareness about the interdisciplinary power of humanitarianism with the following projects:

1. CADENA Focus: This is an international entrepreneurship contest in which participants present solutions to crucial problems we currently face: gender violence, migratory issues, and the environmental crisis. Sign up now to make a change!

2. Humanitarian Academy: We present specific humanitarian projects for various majors. We also bring to classrooms the discussions and challenges humanitarian action faces at present so that students can develop solutions from their own fields of study.
CADENA College
It is a project that seeks to create humanitarian communities within university environments. Its purpose is to encourage students to engage in awareness-raising activities and get involved in humanitarian response to emergencies and the provision of hand-in-hand aid delivery.

Volunteer work programs

Humanitarian Academy
Our Humanitarian Academy consists of the courses, workshops, seminars, and training programs we have designed to train and professionalize our volunteers. We create spaces for transformation prioritizing positive leadership, global perspective, and social entrepreneurship. We create humanitarian programs to fit your needs. Contact us to get started!

Florencia Nightingale
This is our committee on gender issues, which is currently focused on the fight for dignified menstrual management. We address inclusion and gender equity by appraising the body experiences from different approaches and breaking social taboos on sexual and reproductive health. Our workshop A Period to Sew Together, in which we create ecological pads, is our response to period poverty.
Join our committee from your country! Send an email to:

*The name of the project commemorates Florence Nightingale, who was the first nurse to humanize clinical practice in the midst of an armed conflict.
Pathfinders Training
This is an intensive course intended for first responders, with the aim to provide them with the skills required to be field leaders, to conduct needs assessments and to establish crucial call points in regions facing disasters.

Tutors for a Cause
This is a program aimed at providing assistance to Miami’s migrant population, primarily composed of people coming from Venezuela, who seek to catch up with their academic education. Our job consists of connecting students with volunteers who offer virtual counseling on a variety of topics, so that young migrants receive individual educational counseling.
Seeds of CADENA
This is a program for introducing beginners to the world of humanitarian action. If this is the first time you have decided to become activated by engaging in volunteer work, leave your training to us!

Humanitarian experiences

Humanitarian Experiences represents the bridge between theory and praxis. These are dynamic, informal, education-based programs that are also personalized to fit each individual, so that they are able to find a cause of their own and commit to Humanitarian Action.
The purpose of our camps is to be the first approach of children and young people with humanitarian action. Here, we develop custom activities for different groups in which they can create bonds and find the motivation to continue participating in Tikkun Olam.
This project creates experiences for the youngest, where they are introduced to the humanitarian world while having fun. We provide them with skills, values, and criteria related to the relevance of volunteer work, resilience, solidarity, and the desire to heal the world. This is a seed meant to help them develop from a young age a formation in humanitarianism. You can enjoy a CADENA day at your summer camp! For more information, contact us at
Hands-On Learning
We consider that experience constitutes a crucial part of the learning process.

Bootcamps for Humanitarians: These are three-day sessions in which we create solidarity, teach about humanitarian crises, and, most importantly, simulate on-site experiences to analyze the potential challenges and the possibilities to provide aid.

Tikkun Olam Leadership Retreat (TOLR): This is a retreat in which we explore the tools necessary to accomplish a positive impact on the world. This project lasts from three to five days and begins with a seminar that helps reinforce concepts such as leadership, social responsibility, and Tikkun Olam. It concludes by putting into practice the concepts participants have learned through a case of humanitarian action.

We create humanitarian programs to fit your needs.

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