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1,611 cases of relief and rescue work in 35 countries
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Become a member of our network of volunteers, where we turn indifference into action to build a resilient world.
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Turkana 2024

Help us deploy our fifth intervention in Turkana, an extremely vulnerable region to droughts that we visit every year.

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Our offices

Miami office

Founded in 2015.

Our first international office.

One of the two locations we have in the United States.

Mexico office

Our central offices. .

• Founded in 2005.

• We respond to disasters and crises, including earthquakes, hurricanes, and forced displacements.

San Diego office

Founded in 2022.

Our second location in the United States.

Colombia office

Founded in 2019.

Approximately 2,400 disasters occur annually.

The migrant population increases every day, along with their neglect.

Costa Rica office

Established in 2017.

It is an area vulnerable to various disasters.

There is a growing migration crisis.

Guatemala office

Founded in 2015.

Madrid office

Founded in 2022.

Panama office

Founded in 2022.

Chile office

Founded in 2018.

Honduras office

Opened its doors in 2021.

The effects of the environmental crisis, forced displacements, and political conflicts have created contexts of instability.

Israel office

Founded in 2017.

It is a geopolitically complex area with constant conflicts.

It is a strategic point on the map to respond immediately to emergencies in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Argentina office

Founded in 2018.

There is a high poverty rate; according to INDEC, one in four people is below the line of sufficient resources. .

The most frequent disasters are earthquakes, floods, fires, and droughts.

Ecuador office

Founded in 2022.

Venezuela office

Founded in 2022.

Immersed in an economic, political, and social crisisl.

An area exposed to phenomena such as earthquakes, landslides, floods, tropical storms, and fires.

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