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The Miami office was founded in 2017 with the aim of expanding our activities into the international scene of humanitarian action. This was our first international office.

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ReGeneration: Young Minds Repairing the World: An international educational experience that combines hands-on, project-based learning with real-world challenges through interactive resources, social entrepreneurship initiatives, and humanitarian action.


CADENA – Maccabi Tzair: In partnership with Maccabi Tzair, every year, we organize an event of humanitarian action in Mexico for Miami volunteers. As preparation, participants take the Tikkun Olam course, in which they learn to become leaders and become familiar with the principles of humanitarian action. 70 to 100 high school sophomores participate.

Hand-in-Hand Aid Delivery

at CADENA Miami, we encourage the community to take action in the face of disasters or crises. Our volunteers deliver hand-in-hand aid to the affected areas. Thanks to these efforts, we have responded to events such as the collapse of the Surfside residential complex and Hurricane Ian in Florida and Puerto Rico.