Why do we share the latest information?

At CADENA, we know that isolated individuals are not the driving force behind major transformations. These transformations spread slowly, starting locally and reaching a global level, through thousands of small channels. For this reason, we believe that spreading knowledge and sensitivities is crucial to raise the Tikkun Olam.

Our third pillar emerges from our striving to drive pieces found in those small channels. The purpose of this page is to make the most up-to-date knowledge about the humanitarian world accessible to everyone. The materials available here are aimed at being the catalysts for joint reflections, which can be later embodied in shared actions.
¿Es importante difundir el conocimiento?, ¿tenemos la responsabilidad de que los saberes recorran la sociedad, en lugar de mantenerlos
Is it essential to share knowledge? Do we have the responsibility of spreading knowledge instead of keeping it in
Echoes of Humanitarianism (Ecos humanitarios) is a podcast in which we discuss humanitarian action with a fresh, intimate look. We address it through the experience of professional humanitarian life and field work.
The general chapters of our main podcast, usually by David and Raquel.
The snippets, which are small pieces of information or brief reflections on the current affairs of the humanitarian world. These are available in two formats: discussions and testimonies.
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