Social Entrepreneurship Competition

CADENA Initiative

Idea Competition

Cadena Initiative is a Contest of ideas where middle school children propose a solution to prevent or respond to a natural disaster or a humanitarian crisis in a more effective way.  It also allows them to empathize with a specific community in the world and propose a humanitarian intervention.

Young adults between the ages of 12 and 15 years old from around ten different countries propose a project. The focus of their proposal is to find a better way to prevent or respond to a crisis and, together with their school develop an idea that will be presented in front of an audience and judges.

By promoting skills such as research, analysis, and conflict resolution, we have been amazed by a broad number of impressive ideas that some of these Young Adults have proposed when it comes to helping vulnerable communities. The winners of the international contest receive advisory and financial funding to initiate the launch of their project.

CADENA Initiative offers different spaces for creative minds by involving, schools, students, and parents to actively improve the world.

CADENA Initiative








  • 10 Countries

  • 19 Cities

  • 41 Schools

  • 480 Projects

  • 1,435 Students per year

Un grupo de jóvenes ganadores de Iniciativa CADENA 2019 posa para una fotografía con Benjamín Laniado, Presidente de CADENA.




S.A.L.V.A.S. stands for Automatic Localizing Life System pre Earthquakes (the letters are the match for such word in Spanish). This is a device that counts how many people can enter into a specific space in order to be able to quickly know, in the event of an earthquake, how many people are trapped and in need of help.

Costa Rica · Instituto Dr. Jaim Weizman