The operational and executive central office of CADENA.

The operational and executive central office of CADENA. Officially founded in 2008, CADENA Mexico is an important logistic and operational hub for the organization.

Region: Mexico

Mexico is a strategic region due to its location between North and South America. In the same way, it is an excellent contact port thanks to its access to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Here, not only are the various local and global programs coordinated, but Mexico is a region where CADENA is perpetually on missions, thanks to the support of the Jewish Community of Mexico and the Civil Society.



Hand-In-Hand Missions

Humanitary Aid

We carry out missions to gather needs in the first 72 hours after a disaster; subsequently, we turn to deliver supplies, and grant medical and psychological consultations to the affected populations.

Social Transformation

Education and Training

We approach teens from high school and onwards with different informal education programs that encourage them to become activists and agents of change and help to sow the seed of humanitarian action.


Economic Reactivation

Because a shelter is not a home, we rebuild houses, community centers and schools in communities devastated by a disaster.

In addition, we develop programs to economically empower people and communities, through fair trade practices.



We generate projects that focus on improving the preventive capacity and resilience of communities, so that the impact on the disaster is less.


Rescue and Immediate Response

Our Go Team is prepared to act in the first 72 hours after a disaster.

Master’s Degree

Academic Development

We professionalize humanitarian work by developing an educational program in our Master’s in Leadership for International Humanitarian Action.

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“Whoever saves a life, saves the entire World…”

– Talmud, Jewish Knowledge Compendium

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